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International Journal of Science and Philosophy

Mission statement

Science of Climate Change, an International Journal of Science and Philosophy, has as its objective to publish articles on science and the philosophy of science, especially in fields connected to climate and climate change.

It is an ideal journal, funded by the Climate Realists of Norway with an Editorial Board consisting of members of the scientific Council of the Climate Realists of Norway.

We encourage submissions on all aspects of climate and climate change. The Editorial Board will consider every contribution with a view to finding qualified peer reviewers. We also welcome book reviews, reports, letters, and lighter articles which do not require peer review.

Although not always possible, we prefer known reviewers, in order to strengthen responsibility for the recommendations and the quality of any article. A wish for anonymity will be respected.

Accepted publications are free of charge. There is no charge for the use of color, as the journal is printed in full color. This means that independent scientists may be able to publish their results without having to limit themselves for economic reasons.

Accepted publications will be published on the website of the Climate Realists of Norway;, and a limited number of copies will be printed on paper for posterity.

Scientific consensus is an oxymoron.

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