International Journal of Science and Philosophy

New papers on Control of Atmospheric CO2


  • Murry Salby, Ex Macquarie university Sydney AUSTRALIA
  • Hermann Harde, Helmut Schmidt, University Hamburg GERMANY

Part 1: Relation of Carbon 14 to Removal of CO2

A detailed analysis of carbon 14, which tracks the movement of carbon dioxide,
shows that CO2 is removed from the atmosphere much faster than has been
presumed to interpret the observed increase of atmospheric CO2. Confirmed
independently in other observations, the fast removal sharply limits the
accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere. Thereby, it limits the human perturbation
of atmospheric CO2 to only a few percent of the observed increase. What remains,
almost all of the observed increase, has no relationship to nor can it be controlled
by human emissions.

Link to article: Part 1: Relation of Carbon 14 to Removal of CO2

Part 2: Influence of Tropical Warming

Unlike much of the Earth, surface temperature in the tropics increased systematically
during the last half century. Due to the temperature dependence of surface processes
that regulate natural emission of CO2, that long-term change should exert a parallel
influence on atmospheric CO2. Temperature-induced emission from tropical land
is found to account for much of the observed change of net CO2 emission,
including its long-term intensification during the last half century. The robust coherence
between those observed features shows that the changes of tropical temperature
do not follow from changes of CO2, but rather produce them. Changes of CO2
produced in this manner track the observed evolution of CO2, including its
systematic increase.

Link to article: Part 2: Influence of Tropical Warming

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