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International Journal of Science and Philosophy

A Greeting to the New Journal


  • Ivar Giæver, Nobel Prize Laureate, member of Klimarealistene’s Scientific Council

We are extremely fortunate today because of the tremendous progress in science in the last century or so. People like Einstein, Onsager or Feynman have taught us how to study both the whole universe or a single atom in great detail and appreciate what we learn. In my lifetime innumerable inventions have been made and if you get bitten by the scientific bacillus there is no turning back. John Horgan has even written a book called “The End of Science” that was severely criticized by many people, but I found it close to the truth because there cannot be an infinity of scientific laws. But even if science is close to the end, new inventions are not, and the number is virtually limitless.

The power of the Catholic Church in the not too distance past is well known and it affected many great scientists. More recently the political thoughts tend to influence science, but not as successfully as the religion in the past. The Lysenko scandal in Stalin’s Russia is a well known example from about 1930. Global warming may be a recent one because they claim that they are correct because 97% of scientist agree. But science cannot be verified by votes; either you are correct, or you are not. Science can only be verified by good experiments and if they do not agree, even the most beautiful theory must be disregarded. 

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