International Journal of Science and Philosophy

Norwegian, Nordic and International Climate Realist Conferences 2014-2018


  • Jan-Erik Solheim

In connection with publication of the proceedings of the Oslo 2019 conference, Jan-Erik Solheim sums up previous Norwegian, Nordic and International Climate Realist Conferences in the years 2014 to 2018.

The organization Climate Realists of Norway was started in 2009 and part of our activity is to present  facts about climate and climate change in public meetings. It soon became evident that many of our  members wanted to learn more about climate to be stronger in the public debate. We therefore started  internal seminars and a newsletter in addition to information in social media.  The seminars evolved into conferences, first for own members (2014 and 2015), then together with  Nordic sister organizations (2017-2019). In the following I will present a summary of the four  previous conferences as an introduction to the 2019 Oslo Conference, which also marked the 10th anniversary of the Climate Realists of Norway.

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