International Journal of Science and Philosophy

Mariculture: A Resource-Efficient Food Production


  • Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen
  • Transcribed by Jan-Erik Solheim

Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen came from Denmark to speak about Mariculture: A Resource-Efficient Food Production at the Oslo conference in 2019. Here the speech is transcribed by Jan-Erik Solheim.

Due to a resource-efficient food production – famine will be a thing of the past in our affluent society. Famine due to climate change is simply not true. We can easily feed everyone – even if we are more than ten billion people.


Most of the issues we have in the rich countries are small related to the problems in the developing world. The famine we sometimes observe is due to bad government – not related to climate change. The most important resource we have is the human being. Many books are written about that. The speaker especially recommended books by Julian Simon, Bjørn Lomborg, and Martin Ågerup (see the literature list).

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