International Journal of Science and Philosophy

Temperature at the Coast, and Inlands


  • Frank Lansner

Abstract by

  • Jan-Erik Solheim and
  • Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen

Frank Lansner spoke on the Oslo conference in 2019 about how to prove that temperature records have been corrected by assuming a trend that simply is not there.

We can divide the land climate in two categories: the continental climate with warm summers and cold winters, and the maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. This is a report of a project where we have analyzed temperature data 1900-2010 from many (thousand) meteorological stations across the world, to figure out the difference between maritime and continental stations. We have found that we can divide the stations into two types: The ocean air affected (OAA) areas and the ocean air sheltered (OAS) areas. The latter are found in valleys which are sheltered from wind from the oceans as shown in Figure 1 as blue areas.

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