All communication may be sent to our listed email. We will in the future publish special issues on special topics or conferences of interest.

Submission of manuscripts

When you submit your manuscript, keep text and illustrations from each other. Indicate with figure and table numbers where you want your illustrations and tables. Note that these may be shuffled around in order to fit the format.

Deliver your text in A4 format, with a margin of 2 cm on all sides. Use Times New Roman 12pt for all the text. Use 6pt after each heading and paragraph and 12 pt after each section. Equations may be submitted in a font chosen by the author. The setup will be done by us and we will adjust when necessary. Illustrations should preferably be in .jpg or .png.

Advertising is accepted for books, conferences, and products related to the topics of the journal.

All contributions are copyright by the author(s) with whom resides all responsibility for their contributions.

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